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4 Reasons why Now is the Time for Expert Car Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting is a necessity here in Southwest Florida. The large demand for tinted windows means there are many car window tinting companies out there looking for your business. We’re here to tell you that not all window tinting companies are created equal. Here’s why you need your car windows tinted by experts.

1. Make no mistake, the scammers are out there

Trying to save a few bucks has lead many a poor soul into the clutches of tinting scammers. There are many ways to be misled including:

  • Outdoor Tinting
  • Poor Quality Tint
  • Low Heat Rejection Films

When looking for expert auto window tinting company do your homework. Look for a company with an established history in the area, great reviews, and the expertise to provide multiple tinting services with a variety of window films.

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2. Expert car window tinting = quality protection

When you car windows are tinted by professionals you can rest assured that your getting the most from your film in terms of protection.


Sun damage can bleach your interior fabrics, leaving them more prone to tearing.


UV rays from the sun can cause burns and skin cancer. Think about all the time spent in your car and it’s a no-brainer that expert tinting can literally save your hide.


A tinted window it also harder to break and because if broken the film keeps it in one piece, it because a hassle for thieves who are looking for a quick crime.


Protect the privacy of yourself, your property, and your family by preventing unwanted eyes from peeping into back and side windows. Make it harder to see what’s inside your vehicle to help discourage thieves from breaking in.

3. Stay Safe

Properly installed window tint for your vehicle can help to reduce the suns glare. Which means you can enjoy more sunset drives without the distractions and safety issues. Tint your car windows to reduce sun glare and be safer out there on the road.

4. Keep Cool

We all know the feeling of climbing into a hot car in summer. It’s uncomfortable, hard to breathe, and that steering wheel is burning with the fire of a thousand suns. But did you know that window tinting can actually cool your car down much faster with high heat rejection films? Thermal rejection film also reduces your dependence on A/C, which can end up saving you on gas.

Looking for window tinting experts in Cape Coral, Naples and beyond?

Suntamers has been providing professional window tinting services throughout Southwest Florida since 1970. We are family owned and operated and have the unmatched experienced of a company with 50 years in this industry. If you are interested in learning more about our window tinting services and pricing, we invite you to visit our contact page to find the location nearest to you.

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