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Which Auto Window Tinting is the Right Choice for Your Car – Carbon vs Ceramic?

Ceramic and carbon both sound good, but which one is the best fit for your automotive window tinting needs. Most car owners have window tint installed either as part of the car buying process or after market. There are many options available to create a private interior and reduce the Florida heat. The two most popular auto window tinting options are carbon window tint and ceramic window tint.

Ceramic Window Tint Advantages

  • Uses high-performance film made of ceramic particles
  • Does not absorb heat
  • Rejects UV rays and infrared light
  • Makes the glass impact resistant
  • Gives the car a beautiful appearance
  • Provides a sense of privacy by not reflecting light from the outside

Advantages of Carbon Window Tint

  • Uses carbon particles blended into the film
  • Gives the car a matte look and feel
  • Protects against UV rays but also against water, dirt, and materials that can damage your car
  • Cost effective but not as durable and can be scratched more easily
  • Reflects the sun’s rays causing a mirrored affect
  • Contains no metal making it superior to metallic tints with regards to blocking a high percentage of UV rays

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Your decision between carbon and ceramic auto window tinting depends on many factors and each has its advantages. Both prevent solar heat and sun fading. Ceramic window tinting provides improved security and safety, but at a higher price tag. If you still can’t decide which one to choose, Suntamers is happy to help.

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