Ford truck with windows tinted

Best Tint for a Truck

The best window tint for trucks is one specifically designed for automotive use. Window tint for trucks blocks more heat and solar energy than ordinary films by reducing hot spots that your air conditioner cannot handle, thus it keeps your interior cooler while your air conditioner is not working as hard.

Driver Fatigue is Reduced

Automotive window tint for trucks greatly reduces harsh glare from the sun and bright headlights, which tend to cause increased fatigue due to squinting. The window tint helps take the strain out of driving by facilitating reduced glare.

Truck Wear is Reduced

Solar heat and UV sun rays fade the interior upholstery, trim, and carpeting in your truck. Automotive window tint for your truck can block up to 99% of the ultraviolet and solar energy allowing you to slow the aging process from damaged seats and dash to cracking and peeling trim.

High performance, high quality automotive window tinting offered by Suntamers will make your truck cooler, last longer, and more comfortable. Choose from Rayno Carbon Ceramic or Xenith IR, a high performance carbon ceramic window film. Suntamers professional automotive tinting team will help you select the best solution for your truck.

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