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Clear Bra Paint Protection Film will Save You Time and Money

When we purchase a new car our first instinct is usually not concern over paint protection. We hop into the driver’s seat, take a whiff of that “new car smell,” and hit the road to see how fast she goes (within the speed limit, of course). However, the second your car hits the road and experiences the Florida weather is the moment your paint will begin to experience damaging effects.

It may not be immediately visible, but you shouldn’t wait for the damage to set in before you start thinking about the right invisible bra paint protection for your vehicle.

Paint Protection for Your Car that’s Invisible AND Affordable

By professionally installing a clear bra on your car, you can protect your automotive paint from the harsh and often unexpected, elements of the Florida road.

Grit, grime, gravel, and Gator scales, there is plenty of stuff out there ready to take a bite out of your flawless new car exterior. Even the love bugs are out to eat the paint right off your front bumper.

An invisible car bra is not only INVISIBLE, it’s also a great way to save time spent scraping dirt, debris, and bugs of your bumper. It also saves you the money spent having to repaint your car.

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Don’t let your Paint Protection Diminish your Car’s Style

An invisible bra on your car will never undermine the look and feel of your vehicle, unlike the effect of some of the darker, leathery car protection that you might have seen.

Still need more convincing? Here’s some more reasons to add a clear bra paint protection film to your car:

  • Provides long-term paint protection solutions for some of the hardest working sections of your car’s exterior
  • Saves money spent on repainting your bumper
  • Helps maintain the value of your car, and protects it from scratching

Southwest Florida Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Installers

Suntamers of Southwest Florida is an Automotive Film Company with a 45-year history of quality service. We offer full-service car film installation services for both window tint and paint protection film for cars, trucks, RVs, and more. With multiple convenient locations throughout Southwest Florida we’re certain to be just a short drive away.