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Protect Yourself & Your Vehicle

Automotive window tint can provide protection from the damaging sun for both your car’s interior and your health. Sun and heat exposure present risks to your car and over time that can lead to costly repairs, not to mention dangerous driving conditions.

Protecting your vehicle

  • Interior Damage – decrease the severity of sun rays and temperature affecting seats and dashboards
  • Safety – provide a protective barrier holding shattered glass together in cases of accidents
  • Privacy – reduce the risk of vehicle break-ins by blocking views into the car while still being able to see outside

Protecting yourself

  • UV Rays – reduce the risk of skin cancer from sun facing windows
  • Interior heat – avoid being burned by seatbelt buckles and leather seats
  • Glare – reduce daytime sun glare and nighttime headlights for safer driving

Protecting your family, you and your vehicle from UV rays, car accident glass shards, and the sun’s heat are all significant reasons to install auto window tint. The potential health benefits and the protection of your car are worth considering window tinting for your car.

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Your decision between carbon and ceramic auto window tinting depends on many factors and each has its advantages. Both prevent solar heat and sun fading. Ceramic window tinting provides improved security and safety, but at a higher price tag. If you still can’t decide which one to choose, Suntamers is happy to help.

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