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Our Top 2 Auto Paint Protection Options

Auto Paint Protection is an easy choice when it comes to sustaining your car’s appearance. Without it, your car can quickly start to show its age before its time, and before you know it your vehicle looks years older than it needs to. The good news is that there are multiple options for protecting your car’s paint.

Both automotive paint protection film and invisible bras prevent your vehicle from the onslaught of those everyday little damages. A hundred little cuts from pebbles, hail, dirt, and dust. A thousand little splats from lovebugs, mosquitoes, and a plethora of flying pests. A million rays of sunshine blasting against your shining new paint job. All of these quickly add up to take a toll on your vehicle.

When it comes to Auto Paint Protection, consider these two options.

1. Invisible Bra

An automotive bra is a great auto paint protection option. Automotive bras are available in a few different options. One of the most popular is the invisible bra, which is a clear film that goes over the front of the car. If you’re constantly on the highway, this might be the perfect auto paint protection method for defending your car against the waves of Florida pests determined to lodge themselves onto your paint.


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2. Automotive Film

When you want to take your auto paint protection to the max then you need to put a clear shield across your entire vehicle. Putting a clear film on your car is an auto paint protection method that provides the highest level of overall paint protection for your car. And bonus, it’s completely unseen. They fit great because the films are cut specifically to fit your make, model, and year perfectly.
When it comes to Auto Paint Protection, Automotive Film provides a multitude of benefits:

  • Practically Invisible
  • Durable
  • Resistant to impact and temperature
  • Customized to your vehicle
  • Applied without drilled holes or fasteners
  • Won’t harm paint or finish
  • No special maintenance required

Of course, in order for your Automotive Film to perform at the highest level there are two important steps:

1. Use only the best Paint Protection Film – we only use Nano-Fusion® Paint Protection Film

2. Have your Car’s Paint Protection Film installed by Qualified Professionals – and if you’re in Southwest Florida, that means Suntamers