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What is the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars? | Suntamers Window Tinting Florida
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What is the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars?

Protecting your car starts with the proper car window tint, but it doesn’t stop there. Many people aren’t even aware that they can go the extra mile to protect their cars, trucks, and vans from road debris with paint protection film. 

When paint protection film is properly applied by the professionals it is almost undetectable. But even though you may not see it, this film is working hard to protect the look of your vehicle. The best paint protection films will protect your vehicle from:

  • Stains from insect impacts
  • Road salt
  • Road sand
  • Scratches
  • Nicks
  • Damage from small road debris

What the Pros Use – Nano-Fusion® Paint Protection System

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What You Really Need to Know About Window Tinting – From the Experts | Suntamers Florida Window Tinting Company
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What You Really Need to Know About Window Tinting – From the Experts

When you’re the oldest window tinting company you’ve seen, heard, and tinted it all. You’ve also learned a thing or two about what it takes to become a trusted name in home, business, and car window tinting.

As window tint experts we’re here to tell you what you really need to know about window tinting.

Scammers are out there – Beware

Bad window tint services can be found across the country, and Southwest Florida is no exception. From poor quality to unlicensed workers, to UV-less film and more. There’s a lot of different ways to be scammed when it comes to window tinting, and there’s just as many issues that arise from a bad window tint job:

  • UV Damage to Property
  • Wasted Money
  • Bogus Warranties
  • Broken Windows

Read more about how to avoid window tinting scams. A good rule of thumb for avoiding scammers is to do your research and choose a window tinting company with a physical location.
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Florida Car Window Tinting Laws | Suntamers Florida Window Tinting Company
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Florida Car Window Tinting Laws

Did you know that car window tinting laws can vary by state? Did you also know that the window tint laws apply to more than the darkness of your tint? There’s also reflectiveness to take into consideration. Also, the type of vehicle you own can influence the tint allowance.

Florida Car Window Tinting Laws

Below you will find Florida’s Window Tinting Laws. Use them to help you determine the correct tint for your vehicle.

Window Tint Darkness


Windshield: Tint must be non-reflective and can only be applied above the AS-1 line (around 5 inches allowance).
Front Side Windows: Must allow more than 28% of light in.
Back Side Windows: Must allow more than 15% of light in.
Rear Window: Must allow more than 15% of light in.
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Choosing the Right Car Window Tint | Suntamers Window Tinting Service SW Florida
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Choosing the Right Window Tint for your Car

Know your tint level limitations

Suntamers is an experienced car window tinting company, and if we’ve learned anything in our 45 years as a business it’s this: the sun is out to get all of us.
Knowing this, you may be inclined to choose the darkest tint available for your car, but did you know that dark window tint can make it harder to see at night? Additionally, state laws regulate tint levels, so you will need to check before choosing your tint level. Or you could just skip the hassle and have a professional auto window tint company  do the work.

Don’t tint outdoors

You know how you need to clean the screen on your smartphone before applying the screen protector, and even then, you end up with little bits of fuzz under there? That’s because you’re working in an uncontrolled environment.
The same issues arise with outdoor or mobile car tinting companies. A slight breeze and you’ve got a grimy layer of pollen, bugs, dust, and dirt between your window and your new car film. Car window tinting should always be performed indoors in a controlled environment.
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The Advantages of One Way Privacy Window Film | Suntamers Window Tinting Blog
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The Advantages of One Way Privacy Window Film

Keep your home safe from burglary and daytime looky-loos.

Most burglars take the time to discover which homes are worth breaking into, and this involves a good amount of daytime surveillance peering into windows. A burglar or intruder may be more inclined to break into your home if he is able to get a clear lay of the land and can check out your valuables, but that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing that brand new 60” flat screen you’ve had your eye on.

Privacy window film prevents those outside your home from looking in, while still letting you enjoy the views from inside your home. One thing to be aware of is that one way daytime privacy film is what it says it is: privacy film for the daytime. If you turn a light on inside your home after dark you may be visible.
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Choosing the Right Commercial Window Tint for your Business | Suntamers Window Tinting
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Choosing the Right Commercial Window Tint for your Business

The right Commercial Window Tint can prevent glare and UV rays from distracting and harming employees. It can help bring down your energy costs. But here in stylish Southwest Florida, choosing the right Commercial Window tint for your business also means finding the style that accentuates the design of your businesses’ architecture without sacrificing functionality.

When searching for the perfect commercial window tint for your business be sure to ask your window tint experts for their opinion. Skilled, informed, and professional window tinting companies will take to time to explain all of your options.

Before we break down the types of commercial film available, here’s a refresher on what tint can do for your business:

  • Protect from UV Rays that cause skin damage
  • Protect from UV Rays that fade and damage office furniture
  • Increase Privacy
  • Increase Safety & Security
  • Increase strength of windows

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Does Window Film provide Florida Hurricane Protection? | Window Tinting Blog for Suntamers
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Does Window Film provide Florida Hurricane Protection?

Southwest Florida knows the damage a hurricane can cause, and after last year we’ve started noticing people taking their hurricane prep a little more seriously. Out and about we see people stocking up on water, non-perishable food, plywood, and even generators. Last year’s brush with Hurricane Irma seems to have made us all take this year’s hurricane season a little more seriously.

When you begin this season’s hurricane preparedness consider professionally installed window film.

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Benefits of Home Window Tinting | Suntamers Home Window Tinting Service SW Florida
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Top 5 Benefits of Home Window Tinting

1.Protection from harmful UV damage

When spending a day at the beach, on the water, or just out and about, we use sunscreen to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. However, for the most part, we never think about the UV damage that can be caused inside our homes. One of the benefits of home window tinting is that all window films are 99% UV protectors.Read more

Expert Car Window Tinting | Suntamers Window Tinting Service SW Florida
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4 Reasons why Now is the Time for Expert Car Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting is a necessity here in Southwest Florida. The large demand for tinted windows means there are many car window tinting companies out there looking for your business. We’re here to tell you that not all window tinting companies are created equal. Here’s why you need your car windows tinted by experts.

1. Make no mistake, the scammers are out there

Trying to save a few bucks has lead many a poor soul into the clutches of tinting scammers. There are many ways to be misled including:

  • Outdoor Tinting
  • Poor Quality Tint
  • Low Heat Rejection Films

When looking for expert auto window tinting company do your homework. Look for a company with an established history in the area, great reviews, and the expertise to provide multiple tinting services with a variety of window films.
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How can customers avoid window tinting scams?

Floating/Gypsy Tinters

These are tinters who usually stay in the area from one to three years, while working out of the trunk of their car or the back of their truck with no store front, license or insurance. Their business model is to offer very low installation rates because they don’t pay for insurance or taxes and use very poor quality, cheap window films usually imported from China. They may offer bogus “lifetime” warranties that they never intend to honor when the product starts to turn purple, bubble and peel off. They will just move on to the next town and change their phone number.

Always check with the Better Business Bureau about a company you are considering. You can also do a separate search at the BBB on the business owner’s name as well. This will show other businesses, past or present, that they own, as well as their track record. Even if a company is not a member of the BBB, a legitimate business will have a company profile showing how long they have been in business, locations and any complaints against them.

Outdoor/Mobile Car Tinting

Window tinting must be done indoors in a controlled environment! Window film is like a static charged, sticky magnet for dust and dirt. When installing window film outdoors you run the risk of the breeze blowing dust, dirt, pollen, bugs and other airborne debris into the film. We have large, air-conditioned and clean automotive tinting bays at our offices to insure a proper job no matter what the weather is outside. You will find many tinters offering the “convenience” of mobile tinting, when it is just a cover for a trunk operator who can’t afford a business location to do a proper job.

Poor Quality Tint

Beware of the tint company that will not happily leave film samples with you or rejects a request to install a test sample on one window! They are well aware of the poor quality and bad optical clarity of their product and its inability to stand up to your close scrutiny. For free no-obligation film samples click here.

Fabricated Performance Results

Beware of tint companies providing hand-cut tint swatches with unverified performance data written in magic marker or printed on home made computer labels! Reputable tinters provide film samples inside of performance specification cards that are made by the manufacturer.

Reputable window films will be “NFRC Certified”. The National Fenestration Rating Counsel administers uniform, independent rating and labeling of energy performance products insuring the consumer gets what they are paying for. This certification is available to all manufacturers, foreign and domestic, and will have their data posted at the NFRC web site. If a window film manufacturer opts out of this process, one can only wonder what they have to hide.

No Ultra Violet Protection

One way to cut costs in window film manufacturing is to leave out the ultra violet inhibitor! The inhibitor is clear and UV is invisible, so how will you know without a UV meter? Faded flooring and furnishings is an expensive way to find out a film manufacturer cut corners. Reputable film manufacturers always use UV inhibitors and clearly mark their UV rejection on their web sites and specification cards.

Automotive Film vs. Architectural Film

Beware of tint companies wanting to install automotive film in your home or business! Automotive film is not engineered to last as long or perform as well as architectural film, and therefore costs much less. Automotive film is not covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty when installed in non-automotive applications. A strong and reputable company will have full lines of both architectural and automotive films in stock.

Only two film choices?

Beware of a film company aggressively offering only a couple of film choices! These are possibly the only films they can afford to keep on the shelf and may not be the best choice for your application. A typical residential installation will use two to four different film types depending on sun exposure and viewing options. Suntamers stocks over 50 different types of films from two manufactures and is sure to meet your specific needs.