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Choosing the Right Commercial Privacy Film

Commercial architecture in Southwest Florida is heavily influenced by our environment. Bright, bold colors draw the attention of potential customers. Expansive windows offer great views, and invite walk-ins to stop in and say hello, but those views can be costly.

Windows, atriums, and skylights are influential architectural components that help your commercial space stand out as unique and memorable. However, without window film those stunning features can become a liability, in more ways than one.

Unprotected, glass windows pull in heat, which increases your energy bills as your air conditioner struggles against the onslaught of incoming heat. Additionally, UV Rays from the sun cause distracting glare and can damage interiors. But today we’d like to focus on the benefits of Commercial Privacy Film.

Types of Commercial Privacy Film

Each of the commercial window film types below all have one very important feature in common: privacy.

Clear Frost Privacy Film

Has the look of frosted glass, and is best suited for creating private environments within interior glass spaces. It can be customized with designs, and even your company logo for a truly unique design feature that is sure to stand out.

White Opaque Privacy Film

Another largely decorative privacy window film, white opaque film blocks glass from views while still allowing light to enter. Perfect for sidelights on entry doors.

Limo Privacy Film

This is a popular privacy film for businesses such as restaurants, bars, and casino style arcades. This film is created using dyes, letting only 6% of visible light through and creating almost zero clear and severally reducing heat rejection.

Black Out Privacy Film

For ultimate privacy choose Black Out. This film blocks views all day and night. We recommend this this type of film for any businesses requiring 24/7 privacy, such as banks.

Before deciding which commercial privacy,window tint is right for your business, we suggest speaking with a professional window tinting company. They will listen to your concerns and work with you to find the perfect solution.

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