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How Long Does UV Window Film Last?

In Florida the sun shines and keeps us warm all year round. Most office buildings are equipped with UV window film to block the harmful effects of the sun. Did you know that the effectiveness of window film diminishes over time? It is important to keep the UV blocking window film in good condition in order to realize all the benefits for your office.

Today’s films can last as much as twenty years, as overall longevity depends on several factors: material used, window condition, climate, etc. Commercial installations can receive up to a 15-year manufacture warranty. Realistically, windows in high traffic areas, like exit doors, might need replacing sooner. It is not unusual, however, that even these film panels will not be replaced for at least 10 years.

If you find your UV window film bubbling or starting to discolor, these are obvious signs it’s time for a replacement. It is important to stay aware of UV film wear, as your protection from dangerous UV rays will decrease as the film ages.

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