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Increasing Safety and Security with Commercial Window Tint

Unique Adhesive

Transparent, high-efficiency micro-thin film is bonded to glass with a specially formulated adhesive. Glass and film virtually become one, and a barrier is created on the inside of your windows that helps contain flying glass shards if windows are shattered by accidental or intentional impact, explosive pressure, or the force of high, driving winds.

Hard to Break

Windows treated with commercial window tinting are harder to break through and more likely to stay intact when smashed, making entry difficult. Window security film can delay intruders long enough for someone to spot them. A glass window that is difficult to break can be a strong deterrent because burglars do not like to stick around longer than necessary.

Safeguard from High Winds

When high winds shatter glass, the flying and falling fragments can become deadly. Once the glass barrier is breached, the building interior becomes vulnerable to rain, water damage and flying debris. Safety and security window film is specifically designed to resist breaking or shattering giving business owners peace of mind.

Suntamers is a reputable window tinting company with almost 50 years of service to Southwest Florida under our belt. If you are looking for commercial or residential security film installers in Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Sarasota, Estero, count on Suntamers to deliver.

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