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How Often Should I Replace Commercial Window Film?

Replacing the window film for your business is an inevitability. The sun’s awesome force can be shielded, but that shield is doing a lot of hard work against an unrelenting foe. At some point it’s going to give and will need to be replaced.

On average UV window film for your business should be replaced every 15-20 years. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of the film.

Quality Lasts

High performance commercial window film that is properly installed can protect your business for the longest amount of time. Florida businesses should install window film that contains either ceramic or metals. This will provide the best available UV protections and will also last longer than cheaper materials.

But wait, there’s more! Quality commercial window film will also help to reduce your energy bills, by reflecting the sun’s heat your space will remain cooler, which can lower your need to crank up that air conditioner.

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If You Own this Type of Business You May Need to Replace Your Window Film Now!

If your business displays and sells products at a physical location, high-performance window film should be a top priority. Low quality, underperforming, or outdated window film will not properly protect from the damages of UV light. Which means your products will be damaged by the sun. Fabrics such as clothing and upholstery easily become faded when exposed to Florida’s sun light. Bright product boxes and displays will also lose their luster.

The look of your products effects their attractiveness to potential buyers as well as your price point. Don’t let an outdated or low-quality window film cause you to reduce the price of your products or force you to discard them altogether.

If you notice bubbling or discoloration of your window film, it’s time to contact a commercial window film company that specializes in exterior window tinting.

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