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Post Window Film Installation Instructions for Best Outcomes

What to Expect During the Window Film Curing Process

Once your window film has been applied to your home or business, time is required to facilitate the bond of the film to the glass. During this time it is important to know what you can expect as your window film installation process finalizes.

Average Length of Curing Times

Curing time is based on the type of window film used as well at the weather. Colder weather can cause longer drying times.

  • Aluminum-based Film: 30 days
  • Stainless Steel Film: 90 days
  • Ceramic & Reflective Film: 90 Days
  • 8 mil Armorcoat Film: 3-4 Months

Hazy/Smoky/Milky Appearance

This is a very common effect seen while the film is bonding. As the water begins to evaporate from the film this type of reaction will fade.

Water Bubbles

Water bubbles will dry out during the curing process. In some cases, a few small particles may be noticeable close-up due to uncured adhesive particles.

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Sand, Particles, Hair

Because our installers cannot work in a ‘clean room’ environment there is a chance that sand, dust, or hair particles can become trapped beneath the film. These types of imperfections cannot be eliminated, though our process is designed to keep these instances at a minimum.

Thin White Line At Edges

At the edge of the glass frame where window film has been installed it is common to see a thin white line. This is part of the design, not an imperfection, and helps in the proper adhesion of the film.

Window Film May Highlight Imperfections in Glass

After installing a new window film, it is natural to look more closely at something you passed by unnoticed every day. This special attention tends to draw your eye to defects, and most of these times those defects are in the glass itself. Reflective window film will often highlight these imperfections. This will not affect the film’s performance in any way.

Any More Questions?

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