It is our intention not to have a warranty claim….ever!

We understand that even if a warranty claim is handled perfectly by any business, it is still at the very least an inconvenience to the customer. This is not good for our reputation, and the possibility of future business or referrals. We are reliant on our family’s longstanding good reputation for installing only quality window films…the first time. Our reputation is reflected in our top ratings by the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and by our customer’s testimonials. We use time tested products, everyday we install some of the same films that our family has used for three generations, some going as far back to the 70’s. Suntamers uses films made by reputable manufacturers that will stand behind their products if need be.

Suntamers' Residential & Commercial Service Warranty

Suntamers glass coating is guaranteed against defects for a period of five years, (Huper Optik ceramic film ten years), when properly cared for, labor included! This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranties below.

Solar Gard and Armorcoat Warranties

Armorcoat films have Lifetime Residential and 12 year Commercial Warranties. Solar Gard films have Lifetime Residential and 10 year Commercial Warranties on Stainless Steel, Silver and Solar Bronze Films. Decorative and dye colored film lines vary by product.

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