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How to Clean Tinted Windows

Once your home has window tint installed, it is important to know the correct way to keep your windows clean. Knowing the right way to clean your tinted windows will make sure your windows stay clean and your window tint remains undamaged. Fortunately, cleaning tinted windows is simple and does not require frequent attention to keep it looking just as good as the first day it was installed.

Care For Tinted Windows

  • Be sure to wait for the window tint to cure before the first cleaning
  • If cleaner is needed, select one that is specifically made for window film and avoid all products containing ammonia, baking soda or any other harsh chemicals – warm soapy water will work
  • Lightly mist the window and wipe with a clean microfiber or cotton cloth
  • Clean in the same direction as the cut lines or seams to avoid lifting the edges during the cleaning process
  • Spray again and use a soft rubber squeegee, moving horizontally from top to bottom until the glass is dry
  • Wipe the boarders of the window with a clean cloth, as needed

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