Cleaning Tinted Car Windows

Cleaning Tinted Car Windows Without Scratching

Automotive window film cleaning is a straightforward process to keep it looking as great as the day it was installed. Window film can be easily scratched unless done properly using the correct supplies. Wait 30 days after the film has been installed on your car before the first cleaning. Be especially careful with the film on the inside of the car windows where the film is usually installed.

Keep car window film clean and clear with the right process


  • 2 spray bottles
    •  one with clear distilled water
    • one with cleaning solution described below
  • 3 Soft microfiber or lint-free cleaning cloths
  • Liquid dish soap, avoiding abrasive ammonia-based solutions, which breaks down the adhesive layers of automotive window tint


  • Clean when the car windows are cool
  • Avoid doing window cleaning with direct sunlight on the car windows
  • In a spray bottle combine half a teaspoon dish soap and two-cups warm water
  • Fill second spray bottle with only clean, distilled water
  • Use the first microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the car windows moving in one direction to loosen any accumulated dirt on the windows
  • Spray the cleaning solution over the surface of each car window and wipe down the windows with second dry, clean microfiber cloth, again wiping in one direction
  •  Rinse car windows with second water only spray bottle and use the third dry clean microfiber cloth, wiping in one direction
  • Wipe away any excess liquid at the edges of all the car windows, which could get underneath the film causing issues, specifically bubbling

Cleaning tinted car windows takes the right care and materials to prevent scratches and not weaken the installation adhesive. Proper cleaning will extend the life of your automotive window tinting.


This information is deemed reliable; always follow installer or product cleaning guidelines.

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