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Do You Need Privacy Window Film?

Privacy window film is great for those who want to take the extra step in protecting their home or business. It allows you a higher level of privacy from the outside world while still allowing you to see out and enjoy daytime lighting conditions.

Privacy window film has benefits that make it preferred over traditional window films for certain applications. If you fit any of the criteria below, then privacy window films might be the right choice for you.

1. You Want to Improve Safety

The primary reason to choose privacy window films is wanting to stop people from being able to see in. There are a few different ways to create privacy – through reflective films or frosted or opaque window films.

Passerbys will not be able to see in from the outside with these films, and you’ll still be able to enjoy daytime light. This gives you the peace of mind that the inside of your home or business is private, safe, and secure. Different types of window films will achieve different levels of privacy to suit your needs.

2. You Want Decorative Window Film

Privacy films can help you achieve a desired look at your home or business. If are looking for the metallic or one-way mirror effect, reflective window films can achieve that look.

Privacy films also come in clear frost or white opaque – both decorative films provide privacy while allowing light to come through and creating an aesthetic effect. Custom decorative window films can be designed specifically for your home or office.

3. You Want to Eliminate Sun Glare

Along with privacy, eliminating sun glare is one of the top reasons customers opt in for privacy films. If the sun glare makes it difficult for you to work or live comfortably in your space, privacy window films helps to keep the harsh light out.

The most intense privacy film is black out privacy film, which blocks out all light regardless of time or lighting. This ideal for those needing 24-hour privacy and need to eliminate all glare from TVs and computer screens.

4. You Want Extreme Heat Rejection

Privacy window films are a great way to block out the heat from the sun. Most privacy films block 99% of damaging ultra-violet rays and can reject up to 79% of Total Solar Energy. This will help keep your house cool, as well as protect your interiors and skin from the harsh rays.

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