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Highly Reflective Window Tinting

Highly reflective window tints are recommended for those who want added privacy while still maintaining the illumination from the Florida sun.

There are a variety of reflect window film types for residential homes and commercial spaces available.

Types of Reflective Window Film

Mirror Reflective Film

This is one of the most common types of privacy films, and what most people think of when they think of a reflective window film. It creates a “one way mirror effect” on glass, like what is used in police interrogation rooms. This gives you daytime privacy while still allowing you to see out of your glass.

Metallic Reflective Film

Metallic film has a more toned-down metallic look instead of a full mirror. It allows daytime privacy while still maintaining a natural view from the inside. It also lowers air conditioning cost by rejecting 63% total solar energy and blocking 99% of ultra-violet energy.

Dual Reflective Film

Panorama’s dual reflective ceramic films are engineered to create a highly reflective effect so you can maintain views from the interior through all hours of the day, with increase privacy from the exterior. The dual reflective films come in 2 options – Slate 10, or the lighter Slate 20. Both versions will create a “one way mirror effect” while rejecting 78% of Total solar energy and blocking 99% of the ultraviolet energy.

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Residential & Commercial Reflective Window Films

Residential window films allow you to enjoy natural light while still feeling secure and protecting your home from the harmful effects of Sun Damage. For commercial properties, with the protection of window tinting you can increase the safety of your inventory or equipment when you chose a reflective film.

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