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Home Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is specifically designed to make it difficult to see inside your home windows without disrupting your outdoor views. Residential privacy window film is available in many attractive designs and is a sound alternative to traditional window coverings like curtains, blinds, or shades, because the privacy window film allows natural light into the room.

Questions You May Have

How does one way privacy window film look on glass?

  • Privacy window film will change the appearance of your glass. In order to deliver one way privacy, an application of reflective film is the most effective and popular choice. The window film gives the exterior of the glass a mirrored effect during the daytime, preventing vision in through the glass while allowing views out the glass.

Does privacy film work at night?

  • Because the privacy window film works on light balance, when the light is brighter inside than it is outside, privacy is only provided during daylight hours. Usually this is not a problem since during the night hours, most homes draw blinds or curtains over the windows.

Will it feel dark inside because of the privacy window film?

  • Residential privacy window film has been manufactured to keep light loss to a minimum. Unless you install blackout film, it is unlikely that you will notice a measurable drop in light levels inside your home.

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