Privacy Window Film

Different types of window film give different levels of privacy. There are several options for privacy films, including the most extensive privacy films which allows 24-hour privacy.

Types of Privacy Film

  • Clear Frost – privacy film that is designed to look like professionally frosted glass. The decorative film adds privacy while still allowing a large amount of light to come through windows.
  • White Opaque – decorative privacy window film that provides the ultimate level of privacy while blocking out 99% of vision but not all the light.
  • Limo Privacy – privacy film that provides subtle daytime privacy. This privacy film allows 6% visible light through the glass, while still allowing outside viewing during the daytime.
  • Black Out – privacy film designed to block out all light and all view regardless of the time of day or the lighting conditions. This privacy film allows for total privacy 24 hours a day.

Is Black Out Privacy Film the Right Choice?

Black out privacy film has pros and cons. While you will get complete privacy, reduced glare, and block out all light, you will also miss out on natural light coming through your windows. When considering black out privacy film, ask these questions:

  • Is natural light important?
  • Do you work irregular hours or sleep during the day?
  • Does sun glare on your devices make it difficult to complete necessary tasks?
  • Is complete privacy in your home or office important?

If blocking out all light every hour of the day is particularly important, and your privacy is a priority, black out privacy film is probably the right choice. If not, you might want to consider one of the other privacy film options listed above.

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