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Removing Window Tint from Your Car

Automotive window tint in your new or used car may be substandard, making it important to replace your factory window tint. A cheap window tint will quickly yield to the harsh Southwest Florida sun, causing your car interior to fade and failure to keep your car cool. When your car window tint is not applied by an experienced technician, you’re on a fast road to disappointment. There are several effective DIY methods to remove window tint or you can opt for the “let the professional handle it” method.

Soap and Scrape

While you may be tempted to peel the tint off your car’s windows, the sticky residue left behind might take hours of scraping. Soap-and-scrape is effective for small areas of auto window tint removal, as it is time-consuming and tiring.

Cut a corner of the film with a knife or razor blade. Firmly grasp the free corner of film and peel from the window, repeating the lifting and peeling process until most of the tint has been removed. Prepare soapy water in a spray bottle and generously apply to the adhesive residue. Carefully scrape the adhesive from the glass with a razor blade or knife, keeping the work area moist as you go. Clean the window with glass cleaner.

Soap and Newspaper

Similar to soap-and-scrape but less tiring. Prepare soapy water in a bucket. Generously apply the soapy water to the window and cover it with newspaper. Let sit for 1 hour, keeping the newspaper moist. Using a razor blade or knife, peel off the newspaper and the top layer of tint in long strips. Rub off the remaining layer of tint with your razor blade or knife in a strips, repeat as necessary. Clean the window with glass cleaner.


Heating the window tint is an easy method for removal but is can get messy. Set the hairdryer to high, hold it 2 inches from a corner of the window tint until you can pry it up with your fingernail, razor blade, or knife, usually takes 30 seconds. Holding the hairdryer 2 inches from the glass, direct the air to where the tint meets the glass and slowly continue to peel off the film. Firmly rub off any remaining adhesive with a clean towel. Clean the window with glass cleaner.

Once your auto window tint has been removed be sure to take it to Southwest Florida’s favorite Automotive Window Tinting Company. We offer a variety of quality auto window tint films.

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