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Removing Window Tint

If the window tint on your house has become old or damaged over time, there is a process by which it can be removed. However, there is a risk in removing the film yourself, as you could cause damage to the window. Professional window tinting experts have the proper tools for removing window tint and leaving your windows unharmed.

There is a two-step process to window tint removal – remove the film and remove the adhesive. This is the process if you plan to remove the tint from your house windows.

Removing window tint involves using heat to break down the film adhesive, then the tint can be peeled off. Use the heat starting at the corner of the window and as it starts to peel, heat new areas of adhesive to loosen the film. Sources of heat can be a fabric steamer, heat gun, or hair dryer.

Removing the window film adhesive takes effort and time. Ideally you want as much adhesive to come off with the window film as possible. There are three ways to remove the adhesive: Solvents which break down the glue and can be wiped off; Sprays which are formulated to remove the glue residue; Scraping off the adhesive, but use caution as the window can easily become scratched.

Removing window tint is not a complicated process; it just requires a bit of patience and time. If you would rather have a professional help with removing your window tint, Suntamers is experienced and ready to help.

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