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Window Tinting FAQS

Today the Suntamers Team is answering some of our most-asked questions about car, home, and business window tinting.

How Dark Can I Go?

Car window tint darkness levels are restricted by state law, and the law vary by state. Learn more about Florida Auto Window Tinting Laws. If you are unsure that your window tint is in accordance with area rules we suggest popping in to your local window tint shop.

Home and Business Window tint darkness will not be limited by law, but restrictions based on rental properties rules or community association laws may limit your options when you are looking for the right window tint. The good news is that there are plenty of window tint films to choose from.

What’s the Best Window Tinting Brand?

For home and commercial space window tint we rely on Panorama® brand films. They work hard to stop heat and protect the interior of your home or business. A large selection of film type, styles, and tints means that whether you are looking for reflective, privacy, security, or insulation they will have the perfect film for you.

We offer two brands of car window tint at our Southwest Florida window tint shops: Solar Gard® and Rayno Window Film. These two films offer our customers a variety of quality options at various price points.

How Long Should I expect Window Tint to Last?

Two things will determine the lifespan of window film. The first is film quality, and the second is the skill level of the person who installed the film. The lower the quality, the shorter the lifespan. Expect most films to last between 5-10 years with the highest quality and best installed films lasting the longest.

Certain tints, such as crystalline, ceramic, and carbon often feature lifetime guarantees with the proper installation and maintenance.

What is the Best Type of Window Tint?

If you are looking for the best window tint for home, car, or commercial space we suggest looking into ceramic window tint. Performance results for ceramic window tint is very exciting for this newer window tint. When it comes to UV, heat, and glare protection, ceramic is the way to go.

Have a Question for the Window Tinting Experts?

Feel free to send us a message. We’ve been proudly providing the highest quality window tinting solutions to Southwest Florida for 45 years and counting, and we’d be happy to help!

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