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Is Car Window Tinting Easy?

Every once in a while we hear this question: Why can’t I just apply window tint to my car myself? And we get it. A professional car window tinting company can make the application process look easy, which in turn leads people to think, “how hard can it be?”

But making it look easy is part of what makes them pros. Hours of training and experience went into that, and if you are thinking about a DIY car window tint consider the following:

You’re going to need to stock up on supplies – and we’re not talking about a beer run

In order to properly apply window tint you’re going to require the proper supplies. We’re talking squeegees, razor blades, heat-guns, application solution, and quality window film.

And speaking of window film, do you know what kind you need?

Each state has different laws regarding window tint darkness, so you’re going to need to do your homework. Once you know the laws it’s time to decide which brand and type of car window tint is right for you.

Do you have a dust-free garage?

Tiny particles of dust can get stuck between the window and the film, causing unsightly bubbles and a crummy-looking film job. When performing DIY window tinting on your car be sure to apply the film in a clean environment. Never attempt it outdoors.

Be sure to check the weather conditions

The weather can actually influence how well your tint job turns out. Too much heat, cold, or humidity can ruin your hard work, so plan to tint your window on a day with moderate temperatures and low humidity.

Let’s get ready to tint!

Okay, so you’ve bought the supplies (which will cost between $50-100), you’ve found the right film for your needs, you’ve cleaned your workspace thoroughly, and you’ve waited for the weather to be perfect, now it’s time to tint!

The key to a perfect window tint job is patience and skill. A steady hand is required to lay the film, squeegee out the bubbles and cut off the excess.

Of course, you can always just call the professionals

The average starting price for Automotive Window Tint starts at $150. When you balance that against the time, cost, patience and skill required to successfully achieve a DIY car tint, it begins to look more and more advantageous to just let the pros handle this one.

And speaking of pros, if you live in Southwest Florida and you’re looking for a professional car window tinting company, look no further than Suntamers.

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