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Can You See Through Privacy Window Film? | Suntamers Home Window Film Blog
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Can You See Through Privacy Window Film?

The short answer is yes.

While most of the time you can see through window film, visibility depends on the lighting inside and outside your house. With privacy window film installed, someone on the outside of your house would not be able to see inside during the day. You would be able to see outdoors through the window film on a clear, sunny day. However, during the evening, if you have the lights on in your house, outsiders will be able to see directly into your house because the light is greater inside than outside the window.

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Vehicle with ceramic window tinting from Suntamers
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Which Auto Window Tinting is the Right Choice for Your Car – Carbon vs Ceramic?

Ceramic and carbon both sound good, but which one is the best fit for your automotive window tinting needs. Most car owners have window tint installed either as part of the car buying process or after market. There are many options available to create a private interior and reduce the Florida heat. The two most popular auto window tinting options are carbon window tint and ceramic window tint.

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Removing Auto Window Tint | Suntamers
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Removing Window Tint from Your Car

Automotive window tint in your new or used car may be substandard, making it important to replace your factory window tint. A cheap window tint will quickly yield to the harsh Southwest Florida sun, causing your car interior to fade and failure to keep your car cool. When your car window tint is not applied by an experienced technician, you’re on a fast road to disappointment. There are several effective DIY methods to remove window tint or you can opt for the “let the professional handle it” method.

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