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What to Expect During the Commercial Window Film Installation Process

Southwest Florida Businesses can lower energy bills and protect the integrity of their interiors with Commercial Window Tinting. When you make the choice to add window film to your retail space it’s important to understand the process involved.

If you are working with a professional window tint company, they will take the time to explain all of your options and work with you to choose the right commercial tint(s) for your needs. After the right tint has been determined, a convenient time will be scheduled for installation.

So, you’ve chosen the right commercial window tint for your business and now it’s time to let the professionals do what they do best and install your window tint. But wait, how exactly does that work?

Commercial Window Film Installation Process

1. Preparation

Your window film needs to remain free of fibers, powders, dirt, and dust before installation. And because the window film has a static charge it will easily attract those things. That is why you will see your installers putting down drop cloths.

These drop cloths don’t protect your floor, they protect the window film to ensure an application free of trapped particles between the film and the glass.

2. Sizing

To further insure you that we are using your chosen window film we actually do not cut your film until we arrive at your location. Which means we show up with the manufacturer labeled boxes on site.

Your film will not be cut to exact size, in fact, we usually cut it one to two inches larger than your window glass and trim directly on the glass to ensure a perfect fit.


Cleaning is a two-step process that begins with the cleaning of the edge of the glass. We remove excess material from the installation of your windows such as silicon or putty, as well as any dirt or debris.

The next step involves cleaning the glass itself. We use a simple cleaning solution and then pass a razor blade over the glass. The razor blade is not hard enough to scratch the glass but is able to remove things such as tape and paint splatter. You may not notice those things now, but if your window tint is added without a full cleaning of your window you will notice them.

4. Window Tint Application

We use the cleaning solution in the application process because it allows for easy adjustment and smoothing of the glass. We peel the cellophane backing from the film and apply it directly to your newly cleaned glass. We then use a squeegee to remove the water, smoothing the film.

Once the adhesion process begins we will trim the edges.

5.What to Expect after Window Tint Installation

You may notice a thin line of exposed glass area between the film and edge of the window frame, this is needed to properly adhere the film to the glass. Another noticeable part of the window tint installation is water bubbles, which are a natural part of the drying process. You can expect these bubbles to disappear over time, but don’t push them, as it may leave a permanent mark.