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The Advantages of One Way Privacy Window Film

Keep your home safe from burglary and daytime looky-loos.

Most burglars take the time to discover which homes are worth breaking into, and this involves a good amount of daytime surveillance peering into windows. A burglar or intruder may be more inclined to break into your home if he is able to get a clear lay of the land and can check out your valuables, but that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing that brand new 60” flat screen you’ve had your eye on.

Privacy window film prevents those outside your home from looking in, while still letting you enjoy the views from inside your home. One thing to be aware of is that one way daytime privacy film is what it says it is: privacy film for the daytime. If you turn a light on inside your home after dark you may be visible.

Increase the strength of your windows

Stop storm debris, falling palm fronds, golf balls and more from shattering your windows and sending shards of glass through your home by adding privacy window film. While window film does not make your windows shatterproof, it does increase their strength.
Touching back on the first advantage, stronger windows also make it more difficult for intruders to enter your home. Along with being more difficult to break, if the window is broken the film keeps the pieces within the film, which makes it harder for an intruder to make a stealthy entrance and exit.

Maximize your privacy

There are plenty of reasons to keep your windows open in Southwest Florida, but how to appreciate the sunny views and colorful sunsets while keeping your home or business private? One option is privacy window film, which gives you the freedom to enjoy open window views during the daytime, without exposing your homelife to anyone who may happen to glance in your windows.

Save on utility bills

One way privacy window film can help to protect you from theft and provide daytime privacy, but did you know that it can also make it easier on your wallet? Window film blocks the heat of the sun, creating a cooler environment inside of your home. As a result, it costs less energy to cool your home, leaving you with cheaper energy bills.

The biggest disadvantage of daytime privacy window film

When you are deciding which type of window film is right for you the biggest disadvantage of privacy window film is that it only provides privacy during the daytime. Privacy film works because the mirror surface reflects the daylight which is much brighter than a home’s interior. However, when the sun sets and you turn on lights inside your home the effect reverses, making it easy to see inside your home or business, and often harder to see out of.

If you choose daytime privacy window film know that you will need to rely on additional privacy options (such as venetian blinds) for night time privacy. If you are unsure which type of window film is right for you call your local window tinting company. They will be able to help explain your options and find the right film for your needs.