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What you must know before starting a DIY Home Window Tinting Project

While you do have the choice of installing home window tint yourself, know that the process requires more than slapping a film over a pane of glass. Properly tinting your home is a lengthy process with a high probability of making an extremely costly mistake. What you consider a quick weekend project can end up with damaged windows and costly re-dos.

What you should know when considering DIY Home Window Tinting:

  • If you are determined to tint your own windows, understand that you are facing an uphill battle against a lengthy process that requires a few days of patience, which many people do not have the patience for.
  •  You need to be incredibly accurate with your measurements before ordering your tints and you must be absolutely sure of your choice in tint.
  • The person tinting must have a gentle and steady hand to make sure your tint does not trap air bubbles while simultaneously not ripping the tint, a feat much more difficult than it might appear.
  • Selecting the home window tint for your house is not as simple as it may seem. Choosing the wrong shade is a subtle choice that can make a huge impact on the lighting of your house and clash with the theme in a very noticeable way.
  •  Many people do not realize that there are different choices of film for their home including mirror reflective film, non-reflective ceramic film, metallic reflective film, or dual reflective film: all of which have different benefits that you might need consultation with a professional to confirm.

Remember, the process is much more time consuming than you think

  • The process of applying the window tint to your home is very time consuming and may take up two to three days to finish.
  • Tinting home windows includes painstakingly measuring each window and if your measurements are off by even a very small amount, the mistake is very noticeable to others.
  • While the tint will come with instructions on how to apply, the execution is not as simple as it may seem and will require complete scrutiny to achieve the proper results.

Professional looking results are not easy to achieve if you’re going the DIY route

  • It goes without being said that quality results are best found with people who have years of experience and you might see a difference in your results from what you hope it may look like.
  • There will be points where you, most likely, will have to put one piece of tint above another piece of tint if the window is too tall and creating a seamless tinted window requires absolutely no overlap, which can be very tricky.

Professional help may actually be more affordable than doing it yourself

  • There is always the chance that you might need to repurchase a new tint, something you would not come across with professional help.
  • Potentially damaging or scratching your own windows in the process of tinting your windows is a common problem that would be unfathomable from someone who is well trained in the procedure.

Tinting your home windows should be done effortlessly and efficiently

While it may seem more affordable to do it yourself, you are saving time and money by making sure the job is done correctly and affordably the first time around. Home window tinting, when done correctly, can be an advantageous choice that can cut down the cost of having to cool your home and can protect the condition of your furniture for years to come.

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