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Window Film Offers Additional Storm Protection

Although residential window film does not make your windows “storm-proof”, it can strengthen your doors and windows by preventing glass shatter during a storm. Window film does make glass less of a potential hazard by helping to keep broken glass together reducing the risk of injury to your family.

Strengthens Windows

We know that residential window film protects your home from damaging UV sun rays, but a window treated with film can help deter window damage, such as when debris is thrown into a window during a storm.

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Increases Shatter Resistance

Professionally installed window film holds glass fragments together for an additional protection against storms. Unprotected glass can cause shattered windows to send flying glass through your house with the potential to cause significant damage.

Does this mean that I do not need to have storm shutters?

Residential window film does provide an added layer of protection against storms, by providing added strength and increased shatter resistance to your doors and windows. This does not negate the need to board up your windows or close your storm shutters as storms approach. Window film is a cost-effective addition to the complete protection of your house.

There are many different types of residential window film. If you’re looking for storm window film for protection against storms, be sure to tell your window film professional that you will need security window film.

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