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Why Car Window Tint is the Perfect Unexpected Gift for Holiday Visitors

It’s official, we’ve shifted full gear into the Holiday Season. And as Southwest Florida begins to welcome our friends and family from the north, we’ve got an unexpected gift giving idea: Car Window Tint.

The greatest gifts are often the ones that no one sees coming, and what’s more unexpected than the gift of car window tinting! You may think we’re joking around, but there are actually some very good reasons to surprise your friends from the north with new window tint.

Even in the winter the sun can pose a danger to drivers and cars

Anyone who has lived up north in the winter time has probably experienced the distracting dangers of the sun as it reflects off the snow. Sure, it may be cloudy during a snowstorm, but as the winter clouds move and the sun breaks through, the reflection can be unpredictable and even dangerous.

The great news is that tinting your car windows can offer you protection from the brightness of the winter sun, as well as protecting your car from UV damage that can cause your interior to fade.

The cold weather can affect the tinting installation process

The cold weather that’s already begun to settle in up north can cause trouble if you’re trying to have your car windows tinted during the winter months. That’s because cold weather actually causes the window tint to take longer to set.

Additionally, outside elements such as snow or ice can also cause problems with a quality car window tint.

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Car Window Tinting in Southwest Florida – Problem Solved

Surprise your holiday visitors from the north with professional window tinting for their car, truck, RV, . . . whatever vehicle they drove down to visit! It may not be the sexiest gift, but it’s practical, and will help your loved ones return home a little safer.

If you do plan on surprising someone in your life with a window tint, be sure to work with a professional company, especially if your gift receiver is from out of state. Car Window Tint allowances vary by state, and a professional company will know which tint is best.



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