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Car Window Tinting Myths

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to car window tinting. Find out the truth behind some common car window tinting myths from your local window tinting experts.

Common Car Window Tinting Myths & Misconceptions

Myth: Car Window Tints Are Illegal

Car window tints are not illegal. Window tint darkness levels are restricted by state laws, so you just must be sure your tint level is not darker than what your state’s regulations allows. Read more about Florida Auto Window Tinting laws or visit your local window tint shop for more information on your state’s regulations.

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Myth: Window Tinting Is Just for Looks

Some people think that car window tinting is only for aesthetic purposes, to achieve a desired look on your vehicle. The truth is, while it gives your car a sleeker look, there are additional benefits to window tinting. Tints block out harmful UV rays, which protect your car’s interior, as well as your skin from sun damage.

Myth: All window tints are the same

There are many brands of window tints of varying quality, as well as many film types, styles, and tints available. There are metal tints, ceramic tints, carbon tints, and more.

By working with a professional window tinting company, you can find the right window tint for your needs and budget.

Myth: Car window tinting is easy to do yourself

You might have found some information online about how you can do a DIY car window tinting job at home. The truth is, for the best results for car window tinting, you need it done professionally.

Window tint should always be applied indoors, in a controlled environment, by a professional and reputable company that has the right tools and experience to get the job done.

Myth: Bad window tinting will not have lasting effects

It is important to make sure that you are getting a high-quality and reliable car window tint installed, because a bad window tinting job can have lasting effects. Besides your wasted time and money investment, a bad window tint can lead to broken windows, bubbles on the car window tint, and UV damage to your property.

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