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Why Choosing the Right Car Window Tint is Important

Before we dig deep into the importance of choosing the right window tint for your car let us quickly review why you should always have your car’s windows tinted.

Advantages to Tinting your Car Windows

Protect Your Interior

Window tint blocks UV rays from the sun. Without it, those rays will cause your vehicle’s upholstery to fade, reducing the value of your car or truck. It also just looks bad. Who wants to cruise along the ocean with a faded car?

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Protect Yourself and Your Passengers

If you thought a faded interior was bad, just think about what those UV rays can do to your skin. Without it, you might have to layer on the SPF before going for a drive. Leave the sunscreen for the beach and invest in quality window tint.

Stay Cool

As Floridians, we have all experienced that uncomfortable feeling of getting into a car that has been out in the heat of the day. Window tint can help reduce the temperature of your vehicle, letting your air conditioner do less work.

Keep Your Possessions Safe

While we would never recommend leaving valuables inside your car for any reason, sometimes you do not have a choice. Darker window tints can help obscure peeping thieves from getting a clear view inside your vehicle.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Car Window Tint

Low Quality Tint is a Headache

Paying for a cheap window tint may seem like a deal, but here is what you need to consider before going that route:

  • Expect those lowest cost window tints to need replacement sooner than quality brands. If you must replace cheap window tint sooner than quality tint, is it really worth the discount?
  • If you plan to save money going the DIY method, consider the cost of the items needed to install the film as well as the patience and skill to properly apply.

The Wrong Tint Can Get You a Ticket

Every state has different rules on the darkness level of the tint you can use on your vehicle’s windows. Do your research to make sure the tint you choose is not going to leave you with a fine to pay and new window tint to purchase. A professional car window tint company will know tint darkness limitations.

The Wrong Window Tint Can Just Look Bad

Everybody wants to look cool when they hit the road, don’t let the wrong window tint ruin your style. Ask your window tint installers about which tint they think will mesh with the lines and color of your vehicle.

Have We Convinced You to Go with the Pros for Your New Car Vehicle Tint?

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