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Commercial Window Film Installation – What to Expect

When adding window film to your commercial building it is important to understand the process. Applying commercial window film is not a DIY project. If you are working with a professional window tint company, they will take the time to explain all your options, including what to expect during the installation process.

Commercial Window Film Installation


Installers will lay out drop cloths, not to protect your floor, but to protect the window film. Because window film has static, particles are easily attracted. The installers take measures to ensure an installation free of trapped particles between the film and glass.


The commercial window film is cut 1 – 2 inches larger than the window glass and trimmed directly on the glass for a perfect fit.


There is a 2-step cleaning process. First the edge of the glass is cleaned to remove excess material from the window installation, such as putty, and any dirt that may be on the window edges. Second the glass itself is cleaned with a simple solution and device to remove any substances, like paint splatter.


The backing is removed from the commercial window film which is then directly applied to the newly cleaned glass that was sprayed with the cleaning solution. A squeegee is used to remove any water and smooth the film. After the adhesion process, the window film edges are trimmed.

Now you have a good understanding of what to expect during the commercial window film installation process and are ready to move forward with your project.

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