A car with dark, reflective tinted windows.

Protect Your Vehicle with Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting is a great way for you to protect the investment of your vehicle. There are a selection of quality Window Tint Films to provide you the right tint based on both vehicle type and car protection needs.

Car Window Tinting

There are a few main ways that your car’s components are protected with window tint films.

  • Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning: Window tint films will reject significant levels of heat. By keeping your car’s interior cooler, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. This will help you save fuel in the short term and extend the life of the air conditioning system in the long run.
  • Interior Trim, Upholstery, and Carpeting: The combination of solar heat and ultraviolet light can wear out your car’s interiors over time. Automotive window tint rejects solar energy and blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet light, which will slow down the aging process. Plastic trim parts are less likely to crack, and fabrics aren’t as quick to fade.

Paint Protection Film

For car owners who want an extra level of security – Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film offers the most advanced paint protection film for automotive paint finishes.

This thick, durable urethane film goes the extra level. Not only is it designed to withstand solar energy, high temperatures, but it resists impact. This protects your vehicle from:

  • Insect Stains and Abrasions
  • Scratches, nicks, and small road debris damage
  • Winter road and sand salt

The film is practically invisible and is professionally installed without drill holes or fasteners that won’t compromise vehicle surfaces or alter its appearance.

Window Film Pricing & Installation

Prices for window tinting start at $32.50 for most single door windows. A typical car price starts around $162.00 and goes up to $500.00 for a ceramic window tint job on a large SUV.

Investing in window tinting is a convenient and cost-effective choice to save yourself money in the long run to make your vehicle last longer and improve its resale value. Contact us today for more information on window tinting for your car!

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Residential & Commercial Reflective Window Films

Residential window films allow you to enjoy natural light while still feeling secure and protecting your home from the harmful effects of Sun Damage. For commercial properties, with the protection of window tinting you can increase the safety of your inventory or equipment when you chose a reflective film.