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Tint Level for a Truck

From privacy to heat reduction, there are numerous reasons people have their truck windows tinted. The tint level for a truck is expressed as a percentage. The percentage refers to the amount of visible light transmission that can come through the truck windows. The lower the percentage, the darker the window tint is.

If privacy is your purpose for tinting your truck, a 20% tint is the right choice. Windows with a 20% tint allow you to see out from the inside, but up close it is difficult to see inside the truck. The tint for trucks coming from the factory is typically at a level between 15% and 25%.

Factory window tint is standard on the rear half of most new trucks. Usually, the level of visual light transmission of 15%-25% is to provide privacy for occupants and personal belongings.

If heat reduction is your purpose for truck tinting, a window tint of 50% is effective in keeping out UV rays and heat from the sun. Fifty percent of the light is blocked, which reduces glare and eye strain while driving your truck.

No matter the tint percentage you choose, always select a high-quality window film from a professional window tinting company. Investing in professional grade truck window tint and having it installed by expert window tint installers will save you in the long run.

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