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Which Car Window Tint is Right For You?

The summer heat is here and if you have been thinking about getting your car windows tinted, it’s the perfect time to get a car window tint installed. There are several options for automotive window tint films, and we are here help you decide what car window tint is right for your needs.

There are basic car window tint films that have good longevity and will block out most heat, and then there are more sophisticated paint protection systems that will give you an extra level of protection against road hazards. Here are a few of the most popular car window tinting options.

Metallized Car Window Tinting

Metallized car window tinting is known for being color-stable and excellent in solar-heat rejection. It also has an excellent ultraviolent filter, and good time-tested longevity in Southwest Florida. Suntamers installs Solar Guard HP Supreme.

Nano Carbon Ceramic Car Window Tinting

Nano carbon ceramic car window tinting tops between 49-66% of heat. They provide top-notch color stability, maximum heat rejection, and outstanding longevity. Suntamers installs Rayno Car Window Films, which are backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty. This is a great high-quality car window tint option for those wanting to protect the investment of their vehicles.

Nano-Fusion® Paint Protection Film

Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film is the most advanced paint protection film for cars. If you want to go beyond car window tinting and keep your car as protected as possible, this is the right automotive film for you.

The film is nearly undetectable and acts as a clear shield from chips or cracks from road debris, insect stains or abrasions, and other common road hazards that can damage our cars in Southwest Florida.

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Get Professional Car Window Tinting Today

One of the most important choices when installing a car window tint is working with a professional, experienced company to get the best results.

Suntamers has been designing and installing car window tints in Southwest Florida since the 1970s. We guarantee a professional application, high quality-materials, and impressive style. Our team will work with you to find the right window tint film for your needs.

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