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What is the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars?

Protecting your car starts with the proper car window tint, but it doesn’t stop there. Many people aren’t even aware that they can go the extra mile to protect their cars, trucks, and vans from road debris with paint protection film. 

When paint protection film is properly applied by the professionals it is almost undetectable. But even though you may not see it, this film is working hard to protect the look of your vehicle. The best paint protection films will protect your vehicle from:

  • Stains from insect impacts
  • Road salt
  • Road sand
  • Scratches
  • Nicks
  • Damage from small road debris

What the Pros Use – Nano-Fusion® Paint Protection System

Over the years we’ve tested plenty of paint protection films and nothing can compare with Nano-Fusion®. It utilizes the most current advancements in automotive paint finish protection to offer an extensive list of features and advantages, including:

It’s so close to invisible you will have a hard time noticing it. Because it’s practically invisible it won’t change your vehicle’s appearance.

Its durability is guaranteed. The Nano-Fusion® paint protection system includes a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that the film won’t crack, discolor, or move.

And speaking of durability. It can protect against solar energy, intense Florida temperatures, and resist minor impacts.

Requires no additional maintenance. After your Nano-Fusion® Film has been applied simply wash and wax your car in the same manner you always have.

Nano-Fusion® is only installed by qualified professionals. All Nano-Fusion dealers have been trained in the proper techniques for the preparation and installation of your new paint protection film.

No damage to your vehicle. Nano-Fusion® is pre-cut to your vehicle’s dimensions, which means it won’t be scratched by trimming during application.

Cars and Trucks are just the start. It can also protect your boats, RVs, ATVs, and more.

Suntamers is your Southwest Florida Vehicle Protection Full Service Company. Our technicians have been trained and certified to install paint protection film and car window tinting film properly and professionally. Contact our Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, or Cape Coral Automotive Window Tinting locations with any questions, or to schedule your vehicle for service.

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