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Choosing the Right Window Tint for your Car

Know your tint level limitations

Suntamers is an experienced car window tinting company, and if we’ve learned anything in our 45 years as a business it’s this: the sun is out to get all of us.

Knowing this, you may be inclined to choose the darkest tint available for your car, but did you know that dark window tint can make it harder to see at night? Additionally, state laws regulate tint levels, so you will need to check before choosing your tint level. Or you could just skip the hassle and have a professional auto window tint company  do the work.

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Don’t tint outdoors

You know how you need to clean the screen on your smartphone before applying the screen protector, and even then, you end up with little bits of fuzz under there? That’s because you’re working in an uncontrolled environment.
The same issues arise with outdoor or mobile car tinting companies. A slight breeze and you’ve got a grimy layer of pollen, bugs, dust, and dirt between your window and your new car film. Car window tinting should always be performed indoors in a controlled environment.

To UV or Not to UV, there’s really no question

Without UV protection your car’s interior will suffer the slings and arrows of an unforgiving sun, causing the interior seats and flooring material to fade. Replacing your car’s interior is an expensive mistake to make to save a few bucks on cheap automotive window tint.

Consult your local car window tinting professionals

Before you make a decision it never hurts to turn to the pros, and if you live in Southwest Florida then make Suntamers your go-to window tinting company. Compare pricing to discover the right solution for professional car window tinting. And before you make your final decision be sure to check online reviews to learn more about local window tinting companies near you.

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Understand car window tint maintenance

Once your car’s windows have been tinted, the tint will require time to set properly. This means you may not be able to open your windows for a few days, and you will be restricted in how your car can be washed because certain cleaners may damage your new tint, so be sure to find out how you need to be caring for your newly tinted vehicle.

Suntamers of Southwest Florida is a Window Tinting Company with a 45-year history of quality service. We understand that Vehicle Window Tinting requires an eye for detail and a commitment to quality product and professional application. We have convenient locations in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples.