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Does Window Film provide Florida Hurricane Protection?

Southwest Florida knows the damage a hurricane can cause, and after last year we’ve started noticing people taking their hurricane prep a little more seriously. Out and about we see people stocking up on water, non-perishable food, plywood, and even generators. Last year’s brush with Hurricane Irma seems to have made us all take this year’s hurricane season a little more seriously.

When you begin this season’s hurricane preparedness consider professionally installed window film.

Window film can help protect you and your windows from storm damage

Most people know that window film protects your home from damaging UV rays, but that’s just one of the many benefits.

Window Film Strengthens Windows

If a piece of debris is thrown into a window during a storm, a window treated with window film can help deter window damage.

Window Film Increases Shatter Resistance

If hurricane force winds send debris into the air, unprotected glass can mean shattered windows that send flying glass through your home with the potential to cause significant damage. Professionally installed window film holds glass fragments together for an added level of protection against storms.

Does this mean I don’t need storm shutters?

Window film does add an additional layer of protection against storms by strengthening and increasing the shatter resistance of your windows. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t board up your windows or close your storm shutters when a Cat-3 hurricane has your city in its sights.

Think of window film as a cost-effective addition to the complete protection of your home during thunderstorms, hurricanes, or even against the stray golf ball.

Ask your window tinting company for Security Film

There are different types of window film, and if you are looking for window film to protect against storms, be sure to tell your window tinting professional that you are will need security film.

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About Window Security Film Installation in Southwest Florida

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