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Top 5 Benefits of Home Window Tinting

1.Protection from harmful UV damage

When spending a day at the beach, on the water, or just out and about, we use sunscreen to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. However, for the most part, we never think about the UV damage that can be caused inside our homes. One of the benefits of home window tinting is that all window films are 99% UV protectors.UV rays can fade the items inside your home, and without protective window film the rays have the potential to cause skin damage to you and your family. Home window tinting films are developed using a unique ceramic coating that reject heat.

2.Save money on increased energy savings

We could all use a reduced energy bill, especially here in Florida during the hot summer months when our air conditioners are working overtime to keep us cool. Professionally installed home window tinting treatments repel heat, giving your air conditioner less work to do. The result? A lower energy bill!
Window tinting for your home is also a more cost-effective option than completely replacing your windows.

3.Protect your furniture

You wake up in the morning and open your blinds to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and watch the sun rise upon another great day in Southwest Florida. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays are silently damaging your homes interior. Over time, UV rays can cause rugs, carpet, furniture, photos and more to fade.
This is Florida, don’t hide behind those drapes. Residential window tinting lets you open your windows to take in the sun without worrying about damage to your items.

4.Say goodbye to that blinding glare

We all have that one spot in our home that’s off limits at a certain time of the day. The sun reaches that exact spot and your home becomes an ant under a magnifying glass. A blinding glare enters, you can’t see your tv or computer screen, and you’re condemned to the dark corners of your home.
Window tint lets the light into your home while effectively reducing unwanted and distracting glare.

5.Increased privacy in your home

Privacy film lets you open your blinds and enjoy great views of the outdoors without letting those outside have the same great views of your home’s interior. Home winding tinting for privacy is a great option for street facing bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, or any room you want to keep private from onlookers.
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