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SWFL Car Tinting Season is here!

You know that your car’s tint needs to be quality and stylish, and you know that it needs to be professionally applied, but we bet you didn’t know that there’s a season for car tinting. And even better: that season is now!

Car tinting applications have the greatest success when they are performed in cool temperatures and low humidity. Now, we don’t need to explain how rare those conditions are here in our tropical wonderland, but the window tinting show must go on no matter the weather conditions. If you live in Southwest Florida there are 2 important rules when tinting in less than perfect conditions:

  • Never tint your car outside in high humidity
  • Never roll down your windows during curing time

Technically, there are two prime seasons for car tinting: Spring and Fall. However, here in SW Florida the most optimum time tends to land between the fall and winter months. As temperatures and humidity start to drop the curing process has the greatest outcome. Of course, this also means that there is a high demand for car tinting companies this time of year, making it important to be wary of window tinting scammers. If you are planning on window tint for your vehicle be sure to schedule an appointment early.

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The Secret to Year-Round Window Tinting

Window tinting during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter is possible when it is performed indoors. Suntamers of Southwest Florida performs all Car Tinting in clean, indoor, environments that ensure the highest application free from debris and imperfections that occur when car tinting is attempted outside.

Indoor Automotive Window Tinting in Southwest Florida

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