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Removing Factory Window Tint from Your Vehicle

Car dealerships will often use car window tint as an incentive to help “sweeten the deal” when you are looking for a new cars. This type of car window tint (free) may look good pulling off the lot, but dealerships often cut corners by purchasing low quality tint.
Auto window tint film applied by a car dealership can often be faulty on two fronts:

  1. A less than superior product is used
  2. It is applied by an inexperienced employee

A cheap window tint will quickly give in to the relentless UV attacks that the Southwest Florida sun has to offer, causing your car interior to fade. It will also fail to help keep your car cool. Remember, when your car window tint is not applied by experienced staff, you’re just on a fast road to faded seats and in-car suntans.

When buying a new or used car your window tint may be subpar, making it important to replace your factory window tint as soon as possible. The first step in that process is removing the current tint.

Removing Factory Window Tint from Your Vehicle

Step 1 – Understanding Car Window Tint

Car window tint is created with two separate layers. The top layer will often come off easily, but if you don’t pull them off together you will find yourself spending more time than necessary scarping off tint.

Step 2 – Choosing Your Tint Removal Method

There are 6 popular techniques for removing your car’s window tint:

  1. Soap it up and Scrape it off
  2. Soap and Newspaper
  3. Ammonia and Sun
  4. Hairdryer
  5. Steamer
  6. Let A Professional Handle It

Interested in the "Let a professional handle it" method?

Step 3 – Gather Your Supplies

Each technique requires a specific set of supplies. Do your internet diligence and make sure you have all of your materials on-hand before getting started.

Step 4 – Prep Your Vehicle

Remove any stickers or decals that are on your tint. Leaving them on during tint removal can reduce the effectiveness of the removal, leaving you with a whole lot of scraping to do.

Step 5 – Take It for a Test Run

No matter the technique, if you are unfamiliar with DIY window tint removal take a practice run using the smallest panel of tint application on your vehicle. You may find that do-it-yourself window tint removal is not for you, and it will be much easier to drive to the pros without a botched front windshield.

Step 6 – Go Forth and Remove

Once you’ve chosen your method and tried it out on a practice window continue until all tint is removed. There is a good chance you will need to spend a little time removing adhesive residue, but if your removal was successful it should be fairly minimal.

Step 7 – Clean It Up

Be sure to give your windows a shine with some glass spray.

Now it’s time for an upgrade

Once your window tint has been removed be sure to take it to Southwest Florida’s Favorite Automotive Window Tinting Company. We offer a variety of tint films high in both quality and style. With multiple locations around SW Florida there’s sure to be a Suntamers near you.

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