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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Ceramic Window Tint

1. It’s the Perfect Tint for Home, Car, and Business

Ceramic Window Tint for Home & Business

Your home and business can now be illuminated by the beneficial sunshine without the harmful effects of the sun damaging your interior decor. By virtue of this new window film’s unique ceramic coating, heat is rejected, eliminating both UV rays and the harmful glare of the sun, all while maintaining visibility.

Ceramic Window Tint for Cars

Nano Carbon Ceramic technology provides top-notch color stability, higher heat rejection and outstanding longevity for cars, trucks, RVs, and anything else on wheels.

2. Ceramic Window Tint Does Not Contain Metal

Panoramic Ceramic Window Tint does not use metal film. Metal film has shiny properties which many people do not want to see reflected on the windows of their homes and businesses. Ceramic Window Tint also rejects a lot more heat than regular carbon window films. However, if heat rejection is the most important factor in your choice of window tint, you should be aware that metallized films have the highest heat rejection and they are more suitable for home or commercial window tinting.

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3. The Level of Quality Speaks for Itself

Ceramic window tint is the new kid on the block in the window tinting world, but it’s already proved to be one of the most impressive materials that hits all the important items when it comes to quality window tinting film:

  • UV Protection
  • Heat Reduction
  • Maintain Views
  • Offer Privacy
  • Eliminate Sun Damage

4. Lifetime Guarantees when Professionally Installed

Many Ceramic Window Film manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees on their products. Most of these guarantees are dependent on two items:

  1. They are installed by acknowledged professionals
  2. Ongoing maintenance is properly and regularly performed

Window Tint Guarantees will vary by product and window tint company, so make sure to do your homework and find the option that works best for your budget and the future of your window protection.

5. You can have your Ceramic Window Tint Installed by the SWFL Experts!

Suntamers is your Southwest Florida Full-Service Ceramic Window Tint Company. Our technicians have been trained to install the best window film for your needs properly and professionally. We install ceramic tint in cars, homes, and businesses. Contact our Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Naples, Sarasota, or Venice Florida Business Window Tinting locations with any questions, or to request a quote.

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