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Finding the Right Film for your Commercial Window Tint Needs

Determining the right type of commercial window tint for your business starts with understanding your needs. Which is why the first question to ask yourself is:

What is your top reason for Commercial Grade Window Tint?

Think about the top reason you are considering a professional window film application. Of course, many film types will cover more than one concern, what’s important is understanding your top concern.


If protecting the privacy of your business is a top priority for your business’s window tint then you will want to look into Commercial Privacy Film. Among the large variety of types, you will find the following:

Frosted – Great for decorative use as well as light privacy. Frosted glass makes a statement on both interior and exterior windows.
Opaque – Certain types of opaque film are able to block views and still allow filtered light to enter rooms.
Black Out – Black out privacy film allows for ultimate privacy.

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Safety & Security

Certain types of window films have been created to resist shattering, which is not just a convenience for areas such as southwest Florida that are prone to severe storms and hurricanes. This type of commercial window film can also help protect you from intruders. When a window with security film is broken, the film can hold the pieces together, making it difficult for an intruder to maneuver past and into your business. Adding window tint can also strengthen the window, making it harder for a potential thief or intruder to break the glass to begin with.

Commercial Window that protects from Sun Damage | Suntamers - Florida

Sun Protection

Commercial Properties in Southwest Florida take advantage of our sunny skies with fantastic architectural features such as atriums, skylights, and expansive windows with tropical views. Of course, letting all the wonderful light in also leaves us open to the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Luckily, there are high-quality commercial window tint films that let the light in while blocking UV rays and glare, which can be especially distracting in locations such as offices that require multiple computers.

Still Not Sure About the Right Commercial Window Tint for Your Business?

Call the Southwest Florida Commercial Window Tinting professionals at Suntamers. Years of experience has taught us that the best way to help you find the right film is to visit the location ourselves – that’s why we come to you!

Find your nearest Suntamers and call us to schedule a meeting. A professional member of our team will visit you on location to survey your needs, gain an understanding of your space, and be able to provide you with suggestions that make the commercial window tint process simple, quick, and professional.

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