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Top Questions Asked After Car Window Tinting

Many people have questions about what they should do after their car has received a new window tint. Suntamers has been Southwest Florida’s premier window tinting company for 50 years. We have helped thousands of customers improve their driving comfort, safety, and experience with quality window tint – and we’re here to help you with information about what to do and expect after your car window tinting appointment.

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How Long will my Car Window Tint Take to Dry?

Car window tint is applied using an adhesive and soapy water which, naturally, will need time to dry. In most cases the drying process will last around one week. However, cloudy weather, or keeping your car stored in the garage and out of the sun can increase drying times to a month or longer.

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Roll My Windows Down?

The most important thing to remember after window tint is applied to your vehicle is to leave your windows up. Rolling your windows down without giving them the proper time needed to adhere to the window could mean a second trip to your window tint specialist.

In most cases you will need to wait 3 days before rolling down your windows. There are certain cases where you may need to wait longer. If this is the case your installer should tell you how long to wait.

Should I Do Anything Else To Protect My Car’s Exterior?

Both the sun and road debris can chip away at that fresh paint job – so you may want to consider additional options. An invisible bra protects a high debris impact area on your vehicle, and paint protection film protects against UV damage.

What Does my Car Window Tint Guarantee Cover?

This information will be based on you both the type of film and the company who installs it. Here at Suntamers all of our auto tints include a Manufacturers written Lifetime Limited Warrantee. Our Ceramic and High-Performance window films come with an in-store five-year free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defects.

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