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What is Clear Bra Paint Protection?

Your vehicle is one of your most important investments. To keep the vulnerable areas of your vehicle looking brand new, you may want to invest in extra protection.

If you are researching the most effective ways to preserve your vehicle’s exterior, you may have heard the term “clear bra”. Find out more about what clear bra paint protection is and why it’s valuable to you.

What is Clear Bra Paint Protection?

Defining Clear Bra

Clear bra, which is also known as a paint protection film, is a thick, durable, urethane film that is applied to your car and acts as an invisible shield.

The clear bra paint protection protects your vehicle against everyday road debris like flying rock chips, loose gravel, road salt, and insects that can chip, crack, damage or destroy your vehicle’s painted surface.

The superior clarity of clear bra paint protection means that it is practically invisible, and the appearance of your vehicle will remain the same.

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Benefits of Clear Bra Paint Protection

Once you understand what clear bra is, the immediate benefit of protecting your vehicle from road debris and keeping it in good shape is apparent.

Not only does it provide an aesthetic benefit but giving your vehicle a glossy finish, keeping it looking new and fresh; but it also gives you peace of mind that you can drive in any road conditions without worrying about damage.

Another great benefit of clear bra paint protection is that it significantly increases the resale value of your car. Debris can cause significant wear on your car’s paint job, and clear bra can keep your car in pristine shape so that you protect your investment and can get more back when it’s time to sell it.

How It Clear Bra Paint Protection Installed?

Clear bra paint protection film is customized to your vehicle, so it is cut according to your vehicle make, model and year.

It must be installed by a qualified professional, who is experienced in the proper preparation and installation.

Once it is installed, no additional maintenance is required, and performance is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

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