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Home Window Tinting for Working from Home

Many individuals have recently transitioned to working from home. Whether you are running your own business from a home office or a part of a larger company working remotely, home window tinting is a great option for working from home.

To maintain and enhance your productivity when working from home, it is essential to create the right atmosphere in your home office. Home window tinting is a vital part of making working from home as comfortable as possible.

What Is Home Window Tinting?

Residential window tinting can be installed on your home or office to reject heat and eliminate UV rays from the sun while maintaining visibility.

It is installed by applying an adhesive film to the surface of the windows by a window tinting professional who is equipped to handle the process through preparation, sizing, application, and drying.

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Benefits of Home Window Tinting When Working from Home

Reduce Glare – When working from home glare on your devices can be distracting and cause you to drop in productivity. Home window tinting will ensure that you will not have to deal with bothersome glare throughout the workday.

Enhance Privacy – Window tinting offers daytime privacy, with many options allowing you a reflective effect to ensure your interiors can not be seem from the outside.

Lower Energy Costs – By rejecting almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet light and a significant amount of solar heat energy, home window tinting can help you lower energy bills and increase comfort during the day hours.

Types of Home Window Tinting

There are a few types of home window tinting with various levels of privacy available. Depending on your home office set up, a certain type of home window tinting may be better for you. Some home window tinting options include:

  • Non-Reflective Ceramic Window Film which stops more heat and protects the interior of your home or business with a clearer view over traditional dyed, reflective, or dual reflective films.
  • Mirror Reflective Film creates a “one-way mirror” effect on the glass, giving you daytime privacy while still allowing you to see out of your glass, like what is used in police interrogation rooms.
  • Metallic Reflective Film provides daytime privacy with a toned down, metallic look instead of a full mirror, and has a very natural view from inside.
  • Dual Reflective Film is engineered to maintain views from the interior through all hours of the day while creating increased privacy from the exterior.

Home Window Tinting in Southwest Florida

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