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Dangers of DIY Car Window Tinting

If you are researching car window tinting, you may be considering going the “DIY” route and installing the window tint to your vehicle yourself.

The truth is, while it is possible to apply the car window tinting yourself, there are several risks, as well as additional costs, that make it much more complicated than it seems.

The Cost of DIY Window Tinting

Saving money is a factor that drives many people to want to do window tinting themselves. But here are some of the things you will have to purchase to do window tinting at home:

  • Quality Window Film
  • Squeegees
  • Razor Blades
  • Heat Gun
  • Application Solution

While you do not have to pay an installation fee when you do it yourself, the cost of all these items quickly adds up. And for most DIYers who will only use them one time, it is not worth the investment.

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The Time it Takes to Tint Windows

First off, you need to do your homework on your state’s laws regarding window tinting and researching which brand is right for you. If you go to a professional, they will be able to advise you on what to use.

The average tint job on a car takes about 1.5 hours for a sedan and 2 to 4 hours for an SUV. An important factor to consider is that tinting windows by yourself will take longer, because you do not have the skills and experience that professional window tinters have developed through years of practice.

Car Window Tinting Conditions

The condition where a car window tint is done is an important factor in the quality of the tint.

You must apply the film in a clean, dust-free environment indoors. If any dust particles get stuck in between the window and the film, it will cause bubbling and can ruin the film.

Weather also influences how well the tint will turn out, so you must wait for a moderate day with low humidity. Heat, cold, and humidity can all factor into damaging the film job.

Work with A Professional Window Tinting Company

Auto window tinting from the professionals starts at $150.

As you can see- unless you want to wait patiently for the perfect day, and invest a lot of your time and money – it’s better for most to let the professionals handle your car window tinting project.

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