The Science Behind Window Tinting

The Science Behind Window Tinting

When the sun turns up the heat, finding a way to stay cool becomes a top priority. Suntamer has cracked the code on cool comfort, using savvy science to keep you relaxed. Sunshine is great, but it brings various types of energy, including UV rays, visible light, and infrared (IR) radiation. While visible light is responsible for brightness, UV and IR radiation can be harmful and contribute to heat buildup in spaces.

Here are 3 ways that window tint cools your homes, businesses, and vehicles.

UV Shield: Suntamer’s window tinting is like sunscreen for your car, home, or business. These films are engineered to block and provide a barrier from the harmful UV rays that damage your skin and fade your flooring or furniture.

Heat Repellent: Infrared radiation is responsible for the heat we feel from the sun. Window tinting works by blocking a portion of the infrared spectrum or “invisible sun”, preventing excessive heat from entering a space. This feature also contributes to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home, business, or vehicle.

Light Control: Suntamer’s window tinting films are designed to help you find the balance of visible light, ensuring that the interior remains well-lit without sacrificing your comfort. This approach allows you to enjoy natural light without minimizing heat and glare.

There are many benefits to Suntamer’s Window Tinting like enhanced comfort, preservation of your interiors, and energy efficiency. With the mix of UV protection, heat-blocking, and light control, Suntamer’s window tint transforms your home, business, and vehicle into your comfortable oasis.

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