Car with removed window tinting

Can Existing Tint be Removed

Removing existing tint from car windows can be an undertaking and if done incorrectly can take many hours. The existing tint film is made up of two layers and when pulled, it is likely that the top layer may come off easily, but the second layer may be left behind. The most effective way for existing tint to be removed is by removing both layers together.

Soap and Scrape

It is tempting to just peel off the existing tint from your car windows; however, the sticky residue left behind may take hours of scraping to remove. Soap-and-scrape is an effective technique for removing existing tint by small areas at a time.

  • Cut the corner of the existing tint film with a razor blade or knife
  • Grasp firmly the freed corner of the film
  • Peel the existing tint film from the car window, slowly and with consistent pressure
  • Be careful not to cut through any defroster lines or antennas
  • Repeat the lifting and peeling process until most of the existing tint has been removed
  • Prepare soapy water in spray bottle
  • Generously apply the soapy water mixture to the adhesive residue
  • Take care to scrape the adhesive from the glass with knife or razor blade
  • Keep the work area moist as you go
  • Once all the existing tint has been removed, clean the car window with glass cleaner

If you are not interested in spending the long hours on the existing tint removal, you can let the window tinting professionals at Suntamers do it for you.

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