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What Causes Bubbles on Car Window Tint?

Car Window Tinting helps to protect you from the effects of UV rays, but that’s not the only reason to head to your nearest automotive window tint store and tint it up! Properly applied window tint makes your car or truck look great and revs up your road style game. On the other hand, a poor window tint application can make your car look worse than having no tint at all.
And nothing says bad tint job like those tell-tale bubbles of bad craftsmanship.

What Causes Bubbles on Car Window Tint

There’s actually a few reasons bubbles may occur:

Quality of the Film

A quality product will go a long way to prevent window bubbling. This is where a little research on your part is needed to find a professional installer who applies quality product. Quality window tint companies include Rayno and Solar Guard.

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Improper Installation

The weather can affect your window tint application in an adverse way. If water droplets, dirt, or debris are preset they can cause air pockets. This happens most often when car window tint is not applied indoors, or when care is not taken to properly clean the windows.

Age of the Film

This one is just an inevitability, but the age of your window tint can lead to bubbling. This usually occurs when the adhesive material begins to break down. Choosing a quality window tint can extend the life of your window tint.

Three Simple Tips to Prevent Window Tint Bubbles

1. Choose a Quality Window Film

Quality window film may cost a little extra, but it’s worth it when you consider that you will receive a film that lasts longer and protects from UV damage.

2. Clean Your Windows First

Most bubble issues can be resolved by taking the time to properly wash your windows before applying tint.

3. Hire a Professional Window Tint Company

The easiest way to resolve all of these issues in one fell swoop is by simply hiring a professional window tint company to apply your new tint.


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